which Good Software for seismic Attributes

there are a lot of seismic attributes software in the market almost all of them have all important algorithms, every software has an especial advantage rather than another .some example of advantage. all this information collect from reading papers and new releases and experiences of users and personal experiences.

open detect free software one of very good software for attributes analysis in fly effective for test parameters and very good attributes algorithms like spectral decomposition especially plug-in recursive , excellent in multi blending attribute with transparent effect display 8 attributes in time slice , inline , horizon, RGB free and excellent , crossplot attributes with well log very good, there are add module for commercial the important one Dip steering and neural network is excellent for facies classification and prediction lithology, good fault attributes from latest algorithm can detect faults and fractures but it needs time and need good machine.

kingdom have very flexible easy use workflow and real integration with good log, fastest calculation algorithm can create 73 attributes ones geometric, instantaneous attributes and spectral decomposition, blend volume attributes cubes in 3D is very important not just line or time slice, fast display cubes in 3D a lot of cubes not just one like other software, new fault attributes is excellent and less noise sensitive that help for faults and fracture detection and very fast with little parameter rather than other software, there is no calculation on fly to test parameters, there are no crossplot between logs and attributes or neural network for facies classification, no RGB combination attributes . but it helps to create effective crossection with wells and excellent test attributes in 2d window, integration picking fault in time slice with inline and crossline and fault cut.

Geometric attributes have very good resolutions, excellent for spectral decomposition algorithms and RGB attributes , they have good geobodies extraction algorithms for 3D Geobodies not 2D geobodies , facies classifications is interactive tools and effects, but there are no algorithm for prediction petrophysics , there are no new faults attributes algorithm, not complete integration with wells especially in 2D window

petrel have good group of seismic attributes for salt dome and add new spectral decomposition RGB techniques , in addition classification algorithm, fly test parameters is excellent to QC attributes, but algorithms not good like anti track it is sensitive to noise and can create artificial faults, variance algorithm sensitive to noise, it is not easy to combines attributes in 3D or display many cubes in same 3D window, geobody extraction is very good but depend on opacity some times geobodies haven’t good opacity indication.

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