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Selling really isn’t so difficult after all, is it?

As you can see, success in salesmanship depends upon factors quite different from the common conceptions. You don’t have to be a showman, an extrovert, forceful, flamboyant, domineering, tireless, single-minded, or even energetic.

But you do have to be sensitive, alert, imaginative, honest, and a good listener.

If you look at the real world, just the way it is, you can see there are certain things you’ll have to recognize to succeed. None of these things is out of your reach. Let’s summarize them:

1- You must recognize that every individual is already motivated. Every prospect has a multitude of hopes, aspirations, dreams, plans, goals and ideas. Don’t try to motivate him. Instead, discover his present motivation. 2- Since every individual is different, there’s no way of knowing in advance what will make this prospect buy. Your job is to discover what it is that motivates this individual, and then offer your product in terms dictated by that motivation. The secret of salesmanship can be summed up in the simple rule: Find this prospect’s motivation and appeal to it.

3- Never present your product until after you have discovered what motivates the prospect. There are literally hundreds of possible motivations to which your product might appeal. Don’t make the mistake of trying to outguess the prospect ~ it isn’t necessary. Wait until you’ve found out what he’d be willing to buy before trying to sell him anything.

4- To increase your chances to make the sale, follow the five-step procedure:

4-1 Discover the prospect’s motivation. Ask leading questions that encourage the prospect to talk about those areas of his life or business that will reveal the motivations to which you can appeal. Take an intense interest in all relevant problems that face the prospect. He’s telling you how to make the sale.

4-2 Summarize the prospect’s motivation. Sum up the material presented to you in step one. Define the problem or summarize the objective so that you understand together what must be done to achieve his goals. In effect, you are confirming the qualifications you’ll have to meet to make the sale.

4-3 Present your product. Now that you know what the prospect wants, you can present your product as the answer to that quest. Build your presentation around those matters (and only those matters) the buyer has said are important.

4-4 Answer questions. Handle any reservations or objections the prospect may have; make sure he fully understands the proposal and the way it will satisfy his motives. In handling objections, don’t try to overrule the prospect’s thinking. Instead, use the listen-agree-suggest technique outlined in chapter seven.

4-5 Close the sale. You should never find yourself locked in a life-and death struggle with the buyer when it comes time to close the sale. If you’ve done your job properly in the first four steps, you only have to encourage him now to do what he wants to do.

5- Selling is easy if you don’t try to put anything over on the prospect. Think of yourself as a representative of the buyer as well as of the company for whom you work. Look for motivations that will create a mutually-profitable exchange between buyer and seller. Never think of yourself as someone who tries to “talk people into things.”

6- Be honest at all times. Honesty is not a self-denying virtue. It’s one of the greatest assets a salesman can have. If you’re honest at all times, you can relax completely ~ knowing you have nothing to cover up. And your honesty will be recognized by many prospects who will then prefer to do business with you. In addition, there is an indefinable confidence that the honest man expresses that can never be impersonated fully.

7- An attorney’s field is law and his success depends upon an understanding of its many angles and ramifications. A doctor’s field is health and his success depends upon his ability to diagnose, prescribe and operate.

These seven points are the basic rules of successful selling ~ yet not more than one experienced salesman in a hundred practices them. As a result, for most salesmen selling is difficult, even frightening. And it’s not nearly as lucrative as it should be.

But the man who follows these rules finds that selling is easy. He doesn’t walk around with a knot in his stomach, for he has no one to be afraid of. He approaches every sales situation with the knowledge that he knows how to get the sale if there’s a sale to be had.

And that kind of confidence isn’t hot air, either. He doesn’t pump himself full of false enthusiasm by mumbling mystical statements to himself. His confidence derives from the knowledge that he’ll discover what the prospect wants ~ and so he can offer it to him, if it’s his to provide.

The good salesman ~ the man who listens before he talks ~ will close a higher percentage than others will. To improve further on that, he’ll look for ways to upgrade his prospects, to qualify them better in advance, to improve his methods of listening and presenting his product. As a result, selling is very lucrative to him. He works short hours, makes good money, and has time to do those things that bring him happiness.

There’s only one way to make the sale: Find this prospect’s motivation and appeal to it.

If you do, selling will be as easy for you as it’s been for me.

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