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Today we will discuss the topic about the Secret of selling and focus on the secret of success

The Secret Success

We have seen the nature of the market ~ the exchanges that take place between human beings. We have seen that the consumer is the object of the whole process. This is because the only reason we ever produce anything is in order to have things to consume ~ to use and enjoy because of the happiness they provide. So the one who is meant to consume a particular item is the one who provides the ultimate judgment as to its worth. It is the consumer’s values that count. He can’t have everything ~ so he expresses his relative values, his preferences, through the prices he’s willing to pay.

They are trying to determine if you are actually helping them provide the consumer with what he wants. And, if so, is the price you’re asking for your services in line with what the consumer is willing to pay? Or is there another way to accomplish the same service for less that the amount you’re requesting?

In every case, your success depends upon the value others place upon your services. People only pay for what they want ~

so you will succeed only if you are providing people with what they want.

There are billions of human beings in this world ~ and everyone of them has a different life to live. Each has his own background, level of knowledge, desires, values and standards. And the mistake that most individuals make is in using their own values to determine what other people will want ~ when, in reality, those values may be vastly different from the values of the individuals who are expected to buy.

It isn’t what you want that determines what other individuals will buy from you ~ it’s what they want. And that answer can only come from them, not from you. The individual who succeeds will be the one who provides people with what they want. But to leave it at that will mean leaving your success or failure to the whims of blind luck. You will simply be guessing what others want, hoping you will accidentally be providing it.

But just by using these principles, you can assure your success. There is such a thing as the secret of success ~ there is a way to take your life out of the realm of luck and control your own future ~

There is a method by which you can obtain the things you want in this world.

All you have to do is to make it your business to find out what people want ~ instead of assuming it, instead of telling them. The one rule that sums up the job to be done ~ the one formula that is fully in harmony with the real world ~ the secret of success is: Find out what people want and help them get it!

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