Reservoir Engineering Diploma

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الدبلومة المنتظرة من الجميع دبلومة Reservoir Engineering
بتحتوي علي ايه؟؟؟؟
الدبلومة هتدرسها فيها

1- كورس &PVT
2- كورس Well Test
3- كورس Simulation

طيب ايه محتوي كل كورس ؟؟؟؟؟؟

محتوي الكورس

1- Applied Reservoir Engineering (PVT, Well Test) (5 days)
About the course:
Applied Reservoir Engineering offers the practicing engineer and engineering student
a full description, with worked examples, of all of the kinds of reservoir engineering
topics that the engineer will use in day-today activities.
Course Content:
 Fluid Sampling, PVT Fundamentals and EOS tuning
 Inflow Performance Relationship determination
 Material Balance equation in Oil and Gas Reservoirs and its application
 Well Testing Analysis; transient and deliverability well testing
 Production performance forecasting using Decline Analysis
Note: Brief summary will be provided for most common used programs in reservoir
engineering for above mentioned contents
Who Should Attend?
Reservoir and production engineers and geoscientists, those involved in reservoir
evaluation, reserve determination and recovery optimization. any other technically
trained individual that desires a more in-depth foundation in reservoir engineering

2- Applied Reservoir Simulation using software (Introduction) (5 days)
Course Description
In this course, you explore ECLIPSE Black oil Reservoir Simulation software, a fully implicit, three- phase, 3D, general purpose black-oil simulator that includes several advanced and unique features of ECLIPSE software. You will know how to initialize Eclipse and use it to construct single well and fully field model from scratch
Course Content:
 Introduction to Reservoir Simulation
 Introduction to ECLIPSE
 Eclipse 100/300.
 Comprehend the ECLIPSE Black oil data file structure
 RUNSPEC Section
 GRID and EDIT Sections
 PROPS Section
 REGION and SOLUTION Sections
 Aquifer Modeling
 Build and execute a simulation model
 Analyze results through post-processing
 Transferring from Eclipse to PETREL
 Who Should Attend?
 Reservoir engineers and geoscientists; geologists, Petrophysicists, geophysicists who Involved in Reservoir and Simulation Studies. Previous experience in reservoir simulation is helpful but is not required.

3- Applied Reservoir Simulation using Software (Advanced) (5 days)
Course Description
This course helps you prepare and run a Petrel model for reservoir simulation in
ECLIPSE or FrontSim. You learn how to scale up an existing fine grid geological
model to a coarser simulation model and how to upscale properties. You use the
coarse simulation model to define a simulation case, including a fluid model (black oil
or compositional), relative permeability tables, a rock compaction curve, LGRs, and
aquifers, which are all created inside the Petrel application. You design wells with
associated completion items and add simulation well controls using the development
strategy process, which addresses both history strategy and prediction strategy runs.
You also view simulation results in the Petrel application and use the graphical tools
and functionality in Petrel software to perform quality checks at all stages of the
Course Content:
 Petrel introduction
 Construct simple grid
 QC the static model
 Making Fluid Contacts
 Creating Fluid models
 Creating Saturation and Rock function
 Volumetric Calculation
 Creating Aquifer model
 Preparing Well design, and completion design
 Constructing History Development Strategies
 Constructing simulation case
 History match analysis
 Prediction Development Strategies
 Results viewing
Who Should Attend?
Reservoir engineers and geoscientists; geologists, Petrophysicists, geophysicists
who Involved in Reservoir and Simulation Studies. Previous experience in reservoir simulation particularly in ECLIPSE is helpful but is not required.

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للحجز والاستعلام يرجي التواصل واتس اب او فون علي 01010443910، 01032788899

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