Training Staffing Solution

Our experts and initiative online support companies and individuals for solving problems and achieve their purposes in limit time and efficient workflow.

STO interested in developing soft skills and technical skills for employees in different fields:
 Petroleum courses.
Material Engineering.
 Civil engineering .
Mining .
 Management and HR .
 Shift Career.

Flexible Solutions For your Business Needs


Integrated Program for Upstream Staff

This Training program designed to enhance efficient of employees , the STO program is different from other , it is collect professional experts, international certification ,online interactive private live sessions , training on project, onsite training , 48 weeks including four phases:
Phase one is designed to enhance the trainee’s skills in English Language writing, reading and conversation, in addition to this we have another business English Language level to improve trainees’ skills.
Phase two is designed to increase awareness of trainees particularly petroleum engineers and Geoscientists in general science and the applied techniques used in upstream companies.
Phase three is focused to improve knowledge of trainees in different skills to increase their production efficiency and to develop their performances. In addition to this is to improve their soft skills and their communication that enhances their management skills.
Phase four covers employee’s specialist and improves their professionality. It is divided to 5 modules to enable each trainee to select the best module for his specialty. This phase focuses in applied and hand on courses. Also, this phase is selected carefully to enable each trainee to gain a new skill level and professional development. We have practical training on real data project that takes 3 months duration applying professional software and real simulation cases studies.

Customized Training Solutions

STO is an initiative interactive private online learning organisation. We supply recognized professional qualifications, undergraduate and postgraduate education STO assist organizations by designing customized training solutions designed to improve business performance and effectiveness. In addition to the wide range of public seminars which can be presented exclusively for an organization , STO also assist organizations by designing customized training solutions. Our consultants expert support asset team to work smarter and reduce uncertainty by supplying online or onsite training using private consultation system.

On the job training (OJT)

OJT is one of the best training methods and one of the most powerful ways of improving the performance and productivity of the novice, apprentice employees, because it is planned, organized, and conducted on-site. OJT is generally the primary method used for broadening employee.
On-the-job training uses the existing workplace tools, machines, documents, equipment, and knowledge to teach an employee how to effectively do his job.
The simple objective of OJT is to use the existing environment, tools, and skill training available in the workplace to train employees to do their jobs.

Consultant Solution

All our training consultants are highly qualified professionals with considerable expertise in business. We have extensive experience of working within the public and private sectors, and with many multi-national organizations, as well as small to medium sized enterprises

STO Company Egyptian agent for GES software

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