Petroleum offshore free course

هل مهتم بالــــ offshore وعايز تعرف معناه ايه وتفاصيل عنه
شركة STO عملتلك كورس Offshore مجاني يوم الجمعه الموافق 1/3 الساعه 10ص للحجز بالكورس 
What is the meaning of the 
1- offshore
2- Sea ped
3- Rig in offshore 
4- site survey
Survey Eng
Petroleum engineer
Mechanical engineer
Electric engineer
worked at EGPC
Inland and offshore 
Drilling service
Completion, casing, and tubing
Data processing and 
Positioning Rig move
And site survey
And main job ( virtual inspection pipeline and platform engineer)
التواصل علي 01010443910 واتس او فون

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