Move software kinematic modeling

2D Kinematic Modelling

  • Our 2D Kinematic Modelling module provides a comprehensive range of tools to build, balance, restore and analyse cross-sections at a local and regional scale.
  • Kinematic algorithms are used to restore and remove deformation in geological cross-sections.
  • It allows the un-deformed state to be defined, while staying true to line length and area balancing principles.

3D Kinematic Modelling

  • 3D Kinematic Modelling module uses leading edge kinematic algorithms to validate and restore 3D geological models. Complex geological structures can be restored to identify alternative scenarios in areas of high structural uncertainty.
  • Discover the geological history of your modelled scenario to reveal unseen structures and changing geometries.
  • This module can be applied to any geological setting including: extensional, compressional and strike-slip basins as well as areas that have undergone inversion, thermal subsidence and salt tectonics.

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