Master of Petroleum

STO is a training and consultation company which is presents all of the new in the world of petroleum and engineering courses ,are you ready let’s know.

STO presents master with international Certification in petroleum and engineering, separate to departments, these departments are:

  • Petroleum.

 it is divided to three sections : geophysics which related exploration, geology and finally petrohysics. These sections have many courses , let’s know it:

  • Geophysics (exploration)
    • Seismic Acquisition.
    • Seismic Processing.
    • Seismic Interpretation ( including practical using software).
  • Geology
    • Structure.
    • Stratigraphic.
    • Petrophysics (including practical using software).

Type of Master

1- Onsite Egypt

2- Private Online

Period of Master of Petroleum

master must choice all of courses in department, and learn these courses in 6 months (30 days by hours 250h)

International certification have two options

  • Certification from Jon Hever Academy
  • Certification from Hilbert University

Price of Master

Onsite Egypt with group

  • price in master in Join Hever Academy is 1700$
  • price in master in Hilbert University is 2500$

Private online

  • price in master in Join Hever Academy is 2700
  • price in master in Hilbert University is 3500$

You can Contact us with

Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/Initiative.Courses/


Contact :

skype: self.tranning

what’s app: +201120828201,+201010443910

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