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If you lived on a desert island by yourself, the secret of success would be pretty obvious: use your limited resources in ways that will bring you the most happiness.

But here in civilization you are constantly involved with other people. This means you must take into consideration what other people will do for you, to you, with you, against you, because of you, in spite of you, etc.

You might think that you are very self-sufficient. But look around you right now at all of the things you are enjoying. How many of them did you make completely by yourself? Probably none of them. You obtain things in exchange from other people. And this is why you must be concerned with their actions and desires.

So let us identify what happens in the interaction between two human beings.

The first thing to do is to recognize the concept of profit.

What is profit?

Profit is the increase in happiness by replacing one situation with another. This identifies the nature of profit ~ the giving up of one thing for something that provides greater happiness.

An individual may discover a new way of doing something that gives him more happiness than he received from the old way. So he gives up the old way and adopts the new way because he values the new way more. He profits.

Or he may make an exchange with another person, in which he will give up one thing for something else he values more.

The essential nature of profit is the increase or the surplus. One value is given up in exchange for a greater value. We see this clearly in a business.

Each individual is doing what he wants to do.

The first step in trying to get along with other people is to realize that each is doing what he wants to do. Examine his actions, uncover the motives for his acts, find out why he wants to do as he does. And, as we’ll see further along, this will give you the opportunity to earn his respect and cooperation to an extent that others can never obtain.

Two People Seeking Profit

Since you are not alone in this world, it is obvious that other people ~ as well as you ~ are seeking their own profits. That creates problems, doesn’t it? Won’t the two of you run into each other, get into each other’s way, create a dog-eat-dog battle?

There’s an old saying that “one man’s gain must be another man’s loss.” Many people take that old adage for granted as the whole truth. And yet, it is totally false.


Because happiness is relative. And what pleases one person is not necessarily going to please the next person. This means that two individuals ~ with different values ~ can arrange an exchange between them that will satisfy both of them. Neither has to triumph over the other one. Both can gain.

For example, we saw that the car buyer profits just as much as the car salesman. Each has given up something of one value for something he considers to be of greater value. Neither one had to be sacrificed for the other.

Suppose, though, that happiness were not relative ~ that everyone had exactly the same values. Obviously, they could not exchange under those conditions. For one of them would have what both of them value the most. And the other would have what both of them value the least. The only way any change could take place would be for one of the two to steal from the other one.

But, happily, life is not that way. Everyone has different values. This means that as long as two individuals voluntarily enter an exchange together, both can profit.

Because happiness is relative, mutually-profitable exchanges are possible.

Both the car buyer and the car salesman profit when they exchange ~ because each has increased his happiness, according to his own standards.

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