Diploma and Master Occupational by International Certification (Onsite or Online

STO diploma and master programs enables student to study online or onsite.
1- Diploma: every diploma Program include 3 courses for specific department
Diploma Duration: one month
Venue: Online, Onsite Egypt, Turkey, Customizing as client’s needs
2- Masters: every master Program include 6 courses for specific department
Master Duration: 3 Months
Venue: Online, Onsite Egypt, Turkey and Customizing as client’s needs

STO diploma and master Programs include forth department:

1- Petroleum Geophysics.
2- Petroleum Petrophysics and geology.
3- Petroleum engineering.
4- Management and marketing

Why STO Diploma & Master Programs?

1- Flexible at anytime and anywhere.
2- Private courses focus on clients need.

STO Diploma and Master Programs (student select 3 courses for Diploma, 6 courses for Master in each specific department) (Online, Onsite)

1- Petroleum Geophysics

Seismic Acquisition

Seismic Processing

Principles of Seismic Interpretation Using Software

Advanced Seismic Interpretation Using Software

Seismic Attributes Using Software

Reservoir Seismic Inversion Post-Stack and Pre-Stack

Basic Seismic Exploration

Artificial Intelligent Application In Petroleum Exploration New

Integration between Geological and Geophysical Interpretation Workshop Using Software New

Basic Seismic Exploration

Quantative and Qualitative Seismic Attributes

Practical Depth Conversion and Depth Imaging for the Interpreter Rock Physics

AVO and Seismic Inversion

2-Petroleum Petrophysics& Geology

Structure Geology

Reservoir Scale Sequence Stratigraphy & Depositional Systems

Reservoir Static and Dynamic Modelling

Reservoir Geo-Mechanic Using Software

Integration between Geological and Geophysical Interpretation Workshop Using Software New

Borehole Image



Rock Mechanic

Wireline Operations Training Course

Applied Structural Geology in Hydrocarbon Systems Analysis

Basin Analysis and Petroleum Systems Modeling

Clastic Exploration and Reservoir Sedimentology


Formation Evaluation of Petrophysics Using Software

Applied Reservoir Petrophysics Characterization Using Interactive Petrophysics Software

Characteristics of reservoirs (Petrophysics and Seismic Interpretation)

Principles of Well logs

BE CONTINUE…………………..

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