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Goal of education shopping chorus of free enterprise and business owners on some of the secrets of the success of the marketing plan, the projects that depend on the likelihood of success of Marketing in the much larger market of projects shop randomly, CARR-ERE saw how your shopping or your idea easily and secrets from the ground to solve the problems of lack of sales.
From attending the course
of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship, wants to A new thinking, wants to open a project in the future
what in the end of the course, the
trainee will learn how to develop a marketing plan and succeed in marketing the least possibilities, the trainee will be able at the end of the course of the work of the market survey of modern techniques, the secrets of marketing for the success of the advertising campaign, the identification of the public and the project and how يطورة in the future.
The content of the course
* The Importance of marketing and emerging enterprises and business
* How to survey the market and marketing plan

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