Geological interpretation using software

project, review the well and production data using Well Explorer, and then use well query methods to search the database for specific data to create well subsets. Afterwards, you will review and manage digital and raster log data and use curve editing, computing and log calculation tools. Also, you will work with formation top data, including managing, manipulating the display and properties, and reviewing picking methods in both geologic sections and VuPAK. Then, you will create and incorporate zone data that will be used for computes and gridding purposes. To complete your interpretation workflows, you will learn how to setup various geologic sections. Next, you will review the mapping features using the Base Map and Spatial Explorer for data posting, attribute maps, and bubble maps. Also, you will create numerous maps by gridding geologic data using both manual and automatic methods to generate grids and contours. In addition, you will use the Well Path Planning tool to plan a new well and then finally conduct a volumetric analysis using the Reserves tool.

Prerequisite: None


  • Well data and production data management, including decline curves
  • Editing, correlating and performing calculations on well log data, including cross plots
  • Facies logs from cross plots
  • Quick look petrophysics
  • Gridding data
  • Bubble maps and displays
  • Kingdom spreadsheets to display and edit well data
  • Zone concepts
    Selecting a grid algorithm appropriate to the objective and input data
  • Making best parameter choice selection for grid workflows
  • Gridding for stratigraphic purposes
  • Gridding for structural purposes
  • Advanced mapping using Dynamic Map Update module
  • Use the Grid Shaping Tool Editor in the interpretation process
  • Understanding the factors in selecting appropriate color bars
  • Building a new color ba

geology # petroleum# interpretation geoscience#

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