Online private courses in petroleum diploma

Online private courses of petroleum diploma

Today we will discuss two topics

Firstly online private courses

Secondly petroleum diploma

First online private


It is very important to most of people who want to learn but not found a professional one in the same country but found him in another country , how can he do travelling and the cost is very high, but today the internet is available forb everything to use it for searching, buying and selling and also taking a courses you want it

What is the benefit to take a courses online and private?

1- save a money and a time

2- you can found a professional trainer in your courses you wanted to learn from any country

3- private online to make easy discussion with you and the trainer

Second petroleum diploma

STO COMPANY represent diploma for petroleum

This diploma is a 3 months you study in it 3 courses related of petroleum you selected it from courses

In petroleum department are separate to three levels are

1- exploration geophysics

This level contain 3 courses are

Seismic acquisition

Seismic processing

And finally seismic interpretation have a practical in software

2- geological level

It is separated to

Structure geology

Stratigraphic geology

3-petrophysics have a practical in software

After finished you recieved a international certification

1- UK

2- USA

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