Seismis inversion

Post-stack vs. pre-stack


  • The stratigraphic interpretation is easier on impedance data because P-impedance is a layer property .
  • High resolution of layers by reducing wavelet effects, side lobes, and tuning.


  • P-impedance can be directly computed and compared to well data.
  • Relation between porosity and acoustic impedance.
  • Color inversion can be used with or without a well data and a background model.
  • Post-stacking is cheap and easier to process .
  • Pre-stacking is more efficient to identify lithology and fluid content .
  • Pre-stacking identifies both acoustic impedance and shear impedance .
  • Pre-stacking is the best method to estimate Vp/Vs ratio.
  • Post-stacking uses a single seismic trace while Pre-stacking uses a linear model of AVO.

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