Seismic inversion

Seismic inversion, most of the time used in oil and gas industry, is the process used to reconstruct earth properties. It combines seismic and well data to predict rock properties (lithology, fluid content, porosity) across a survey. These rock properties can be used to identify hydrocarbon and reservoir.

post-stacking vs pre-stacking


Post-Stacking inversion is the most common approach used for inversion. This technique transforms a single seismic information volume into an acoustic impedance volume by using seismic data, well data, and basics knowledge in stratigraphy for interpretation. By removing the wavelet from seismic data, we assist at the creation of a high resolution image of the subsurface.

Pre-stacking inversion

To obtain multiple impedance attributes we do pre-stacking. Pre-stacking inversion changes seismic into P-impedance, S-impedance, and density by integrating well and seismic data.

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