What are the types of Photoshop?

Puppet Warp.

Pen Tool (vector drawing & selections)

Content-Aware Fill.

Content-Aware Move, Extend & Patch.

64-bit support (for performance)

HDR Toning and HDR Pro.

Video editing.

Paths Palette.

Vanishing Point Tool

Intelligent selection & masking

History Brush


Full 16-bit RGB/image support

Creating custom Actions (scripting)

Blur Gallery for creating artistic blurs

Full Layer Groups (Sets) and Styles

Layer Search and Filtering

Type Styles and Paragraph Styles

Smart Objects, Filters, and Guides

Color Balance and Match Color

Channels Palette and Channel Mixer

Slice Tool (Web graphics)

Automatic Lens Correction

Adaptive Wide Angle Lens Correction

Warp Transform Tool

3D objects – images & text

Pixel Bender plug-in

CMYK and Lab color models

Skin-Aware Masking with Face Detection

Auto Align Layers and Auto Blend Layers

Mercury Graphics Engine for blazing speed

Quantitative data extraction

Hundreds of export formats

Import/export custom presets and settings

Background Save, Auto-Save, Crash Recovery

Adjustments & controls for everything

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