Pore Pressure and Fracture Gradient assessment from Well Log

Pore Pressure Gradient and Fracture Gradient considerations impact the technical merits as well as the financial aspect of the well plan .

In areas where elevated Pore Pressure Gradients are known to cause difficulty for drillers, having an accurate pressure prediction at the proposed location is critical to a successful drilling operation. Pre-drill estimation of Pore Pressure Gradient is the standard practice for major oil companies.

Pore Pressure Gradient analysis can be useful in understanding geological influences on hydrocarbon accumulation. It is better to drill the flank of a structure rather than its highest point where higher pressure within the gas cap present more difficult drilling problems.

Further, hydrocarbon accumulation favors slightly lowered Pore Pressure within zones of elevated pressures.

Identification of these zones, aids in the overall exploration of petroleum reserves. Gas, due its buoyancy, can induce abnormally high formation pressures at very shallow depths. Shallow gas hazards present an important risk while drilling .

During drilling, mud weight adjustment is often adopted to manage well and reservoir damage as drilling operation nears Geo-pressure zones.

In deeper waters this is of greater concern because of occurrence of more marine derived sediments and increase in under-compaction due to sediment mobility;i.e. the operating window, between the hydrostatic gradient and the fracture gradient can be very narrow

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