seismic post-stack inversion attributes software workshop reservoir characterizations (private online course )


The course will present in simple terms the principles of the different techniques and types of inversion while pointing out their respective merits and limitations. This will be illustrated with examples and a practical demonstration of some of the inversion techniques will be given so an understanding of the sensitivities of some of the scemes can be shown

Learning, methods and tools:

At the end of the course participants will understand basic concepts in quantitative seismic analysis and interpretation based on AVO, well-to-seismic calibration and inversion techniques. Participants will consolidate their understanding of modern technology with recent field study examples and practical workshop exercises.

Who Should Attend

Geologists, petrophysicists, reservoir engineers, processing geophysicists and seismic interpreters involved with exploration and development of oil and gas reservoirs


• post stack seismic Inversion Theory and Methods

• Seismic inversion algorithms

• Local inversion(determinstic-sochastic)

• Direct inversion (coloured-recursive)

• Exercise – Data loading and software introduction


• Post stack seismic inversion workflow.

• Preconditioning seismic data, well logs for seismic inversion.

• Well tie and synthetic.

• Practical software session for logs interpretation .

• Practical session for preinversion analysis.

• Practical session for synthetic and well tie

• Practical session for preconditioning seismic data

Day 3

• Practical session forward modeling

• Practical session for inversion analysis and QC

• Exercise to different between seismic post stack inversion algorithms

• Case studies for thin bed detection using inversion

Day 4

• Introduction to seismic attributes.

• Mathematical and Physical meaning of seismic attributes.

• Complex attributes.

• Multi attributes theory

• Supervisor and unsupervised network for prediction reservoir properties

Day 5

• Practical session for seismic attributes generation

• Practical session for predict logs using neural network

• Practical session for prediction reservoir properties

• Practical session for facies prediction

• Case studies to predict vsh,porosity and water saturation

especial discount cost will be 300$ include : #-private course for one person 30 hours include. #- interactive lectures. #- recorded every session . #-practical using software. #- any time you want.

#- free technical support for 4 hours after finishing course for 3 month., certification in end of the course

 important course for all geophysicists need to enhance interpretation skills  

instructor Mohamed Shihata 10 year experience , public book for seismic attributes

Contact :

skype: self.tranning

wahts app: +

Email: ,
skype: self.tranning
what’s app: +201120828201,+201010443910


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