Structural Geology In Geosciences.

Structural Geology aims to characterise deformation structures (geometry), to character-ize flow paths followed by particles during deformation (kinematics), and to infer the direction and magnitude of the forces involved in driving deformation (dynamics). A field-based discipline, structural geology operates at scales ranging from 100 microns to 100 meters (i.e. grain to outcrop).

Who Needs Structural Geology ?

  • Structural geology is at the core of hydrocarbon and mineral exploration, as structures control the migration, trapping and escape of hydrocarbon fluids. Structural geology is the first stage to any regional geophysical and geochemical surveys aiming at identifying new mineralized provinces.
  • It is also critical for the interpretation of geophysical, geochemical, and geochronological data. At the mine camp scale, structural geology guide the mining process.
  • Structural geology is at the core of geotechnical site assessment for bridges, dams, tunnels, nuclear reactors, waste disposals etc.
  • Because of the obvious relationship between faults and earthquake , structural geology is that core of earthquake prevention and earth-quake seismology.
  • Structural geology is central to any study of past and present mountain belts and sedimentary basins. No geological, geochemical or geophysical study can be done without the input of structural geology.

What makes a good structural geologist?

•The ability to think in 3D and to solve large scale 4D puzzles.

•The ability to interact with a large range of geoscientists over a wide range of geological and environmental problems.

•The ability to link field studies to computational modelling.

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