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here will come a point where their current career fails to satisfy their needs and wants. You may find yourself in this predicament. But, your fears of causing serious financial and lifestyle disruption is stopping you. There are many who fear moving directions, and you know what happens? They continue to work in a field that they no longer hold passion for and it slowly chips away at their soul.

Why Need Career shift?

1. You’re Underappreciated And Overworked

2. You Could Miss Your True Calling

3. You’ve Come To Realize It’s A Dying Industry

career shift is become urgently need in Egyptian economy. for many reasons

  • help people to do what they like , not what forced to work what they hate.
  • increase creativity in society .
  • enhance economic
  • help government to focus in development people not just satisfy basic needs
  • increase rich people in society because they worked in what they love and use all available resources.
  • make people more happiness because they still have a dream to enhance they career
  • help people to open new project and increase their income

career shift skills is new idea focus in assist people to change their career as society need

we can prove all support to guide any ampetiant persons to change his career and achieve his dreams

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skype: self.tranning

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