Geophysics of Engineering for Exploration of Mining and Underground Water

Course Content

Magnetic and Electrical Survey Methods for Mineral Exploration and the Search for Groundwater

How to Convert Airspace Maps to Excel Files and Draw Them in Modern Programs

Determination the place of mineralization and geological structures of subsurface

Determination of deep geological structures

How it works on programs

This programs are

Oases Montaj& Didger&  IRIS software

Period of Course

The period of course are 4 days (5 hours/day)

attend of this course

Geophysics , Geology, and petroleum engineering

Type of course

we have two options to take a course

1- onsite

2- online

if you want a course to invest in yourself

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skype: self.tranning

what’s app: +201120828201,+201010443910

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