Diploma OF Materials Engineering Online

This department is separate to three sections , these sections are soil, concrete (ACI), and finally Asphalt. All of these sections are contain of many course , let’s know these courses,


Geo technical soil

Soil test

Concrete (ACI)

Test of concrete

design of concrete


Test of Asphalt

Design of Asphalt (marchell and super beef)

  • In Diploma must choice three courses from any department you are interested in it only to learn in 3 months (15 days by hours 120h)

International certification have two options

  • Certification from Jon Hever Academy
  • Certification from Hilbert University

Price of Diploma

  • price in Online diploma in Join Hever Academy is 900$
  • price in Online diploma in Hilbert University is 1050$

If you want to register in diploma

You can Contact us with

Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/Initiative.Courses/

Web site: www.selftrainingsto.net

skype: self.tranning

whats app: +201120828201/ +201010443910

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