Bore Hole Image Course

Borehole Imaging and Dipmeter, Principles, Processing and Interpretation

Borehole image is one of the most important logging tools because of its high resolution measurement and the different answer products that can  This training will introduce a detailed explanation about dipmeter analysis and the different types of bore hole images either wireline or LWD.

During this training the audience will get familiar about borehole image:  types, physical principles, processing parameters, geological interpretation and all types applications.


5 days (total 30 hours)



Training Course Content:

  • Introduction about borehole image history and physical principles.
  • Dipmeter and borehole images fundamentals for both wireline and LWD tools.
  • Dip computation methods (automatic and manual dip picking techniques).
  • Practical exercises on dipmeter logs interpretation.
  • Practical exercises on how to compute dips from borehole image.
  • Understanding of dynamic & static normalization and generation.
  • Borehole image feature types i.e. geological, drilling related and artefacts.
  • Natural fractures identification and classifications.
  • Dip pattern representation, for both structural and stratigraphic influences.
  • Sedimentary structures from borehole image, for clastic and non clastic facies.
  • Practical exercises on image interpretation and dip extractions using software.

Who Should Attend?

Well Sites, Operations, Reservoirs and Filed Development Geologists.

Geoscientists, Petrophysisits and Mud loggers.

All Engineers with different oilfield upstream backgrounds.

You can Contact us with

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Contact :

skype: self.tranning

what’s app: +201120828201,+201010443910

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