Private Online Diploma of Petroleum

STO Company have many courses and diploma in petroleum, engineering and soft skills

we will discuss today Online diploma of petroleum. This Department of petroleum is separate of three parts

Part one: Geophysics

Geophysics have three courses related by exploration are

1- Seismic Acquisition

2- Seismic Processing

3- Seismic Interpretation using Software

Part Two: Geology

This part have two courses are

1- structure

2- statigraphy

and finally

Part Three: Petrophysics


well logging using software

Private Online

Private online is very useful for everyone , specially if you are from another country or inside Egypt but another Governorate

benefits of online

1- You are determine your time and period as you want

2- You are discuss only with he trainer easily not anyone entered with you in discussion

3- The online is interactive mean live

4- After finished the setion you are receive recorded videos

5- Before beginning any course you do a free setion to see a qualification for trainer and quality your internet and discuss content of course

Period of Diploma

It is study for 3 months and it is study 3 courses only and can study it for one month as you like


we have two options for certificates

1- certificate with international certification ( British or American)

2- or the certificate from Company

If you want a study diploma from us please

You can Contact us with

Facebook Page:

Contact :

skype: self.tranning

what’s app: +201120828201,+201010443910

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  1. Thanks for golden chance
    Pls what are conditions for registration

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  2. Thanks for comment, I sent in your email please check it


  3. You can Contact us with
    Facebook Page:
    Contact :
    skype: self.tranning
    what’s app: +201120828201,+201010443910


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