How can You become a better thinker?

Unfortunately, deep thinking isn’t very common in our society. People look at television pundits for their social and economic ideas. Conventional wisdom rules, despite the fact that unconventional people shouldn’t follow such wisdom.

Why? Well, we’re just too busy to think. Many of us are running from one place to another, trying to make our lives work.

So, what’s an aspiring thinker to do? Here are a few suggestions: 

1. Pause

Stop. Think. A lot of people pass through life, too busy with the daily doings of life. Focusing too much on the comparatively minor details hampers your thinking. Just take a few moments every day (or one day per week) and just think.

2. Question Assumptions

Shortcuts are easy. Shortcuts are fun. That’s fine for walking to work, but not for thinking. Intellectual shortcuts mean that you’re not thinking about the brass tacks. You’re not thinking about the foundation of your ideas and theories. It’s intellectual laziness, pure and simple.

3. Break it Down

Henry Ford had it right when he said Tasks are easier when they are broken down to smaller pieces. This process applies to thinking as well. Thinking about an issue or problem in discrete chunks makes you a more thorough and meticulous thinker.

4. Explore Different Subjects and Interests

It’s great to become an expert at something. Specialization is crucial in today’s economy, but it doesn’t do much for independent thinking. Break free of your usual books and television shows. Try some new subjects ideas and subjects.

5. Ask “What if…?”

The best way to test the limit of your ideas and case is to ask what if? This will allow you to understand distinctions. Great thinkers can address ambiguities because they understand that details matter. Details can affect outcomes. it’s just a matter of figuring out which details are important. That’s why it’s important to ask “what if..?”

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