Diploma and Master with International Certification

Always, STO company presents all of the new in the world of petroleum and engineering courses ,are you ready let’s know.

STO presents the Diploma and master with international Certification in petroleum and engineering, separate to departments, these departments are:

  • Petroleum.
  • petroleum engineering.
  • materials engineering .
  • mining.
  • management.

we will discuss every department as alone and what are the courses find Iin every department.

First department is petroleum , it is divided to three sections : geophysics which related exploration, geology and finally petrohysics. These sections have many courses , let’s know it:

  • Geophysics (exploration)
    • Seismic Acquisition.
    • Seismic Processing.
    • Seismic Interpretation ( including practical using software).
  • Geology
    • Structure.
    • Stratigraphic.
    • Petrophysics (including practical using software).

Second department is Petroleum engineering , which including many courses, let’s know this courses :

  • General Petroleum Engineering.
  • Drilling Engineering Principles.
  • Production Engineering Principle.
  • Mud Logging.
  • Direction Drilling.
  • Geostreaing.

Third department is materials engineering, this department is separate to three sections , these sections are soil, concrete (ACI), and finally Asphalt. All of these sections are contain of many course , let’s know these courses,

  • Soil
    • Geo technical soil
    • Soil test
    • Concrete (ACI)
    • Test of concrete
    • design of concrete
  • Asphalt
    • Test of Asphalt
    • Design of Asphalt (marchell and super beef)

Fourth department is mining , this department have many course, these courses are,

  • Quarries management
  • Mining Geology
  • Mining Geophysics
  • Mining Engineering
  • Quarries mapping

And finally fifth department is management, the management have many course , like as

  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Executive manager
  • Human Resource Management
  • MBA
  • PMP
  • In Diploma must choice three courses from any department you are interested in it only to learn in 3 months (15 days by hours 120h)
  • But master must choice all of courses in department, and learn these courses in 6 months (30 days by hours 250h)

International certification have two options

  • Certification from Jon Hever Academy
  • Certification from Hilbert University

Price of Diploma and Master

  • price in diploma in Join Hever Academy is 750$, but master is 1700$
  • price in diploma in Hilbert University is 850$, but master is 2500$

If you want to register in diploma or master

You can Contact us with
Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/Initiative.Courses/

Web site: www.selftrainingsto.net

skype: self.tranning

whats app: +201120828201/ +201010443910

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