Three Of The best-selling books

(Every New Salesperson Should Read)

In order to succeed, a salesperson must have strengths and be willing to overcome their sales weaknesses. But most importantly, they must embrace learning and continuous improvement. The first years, in particular, require an intense commitment to learning and improving

When I interview salespeople, I often ask is “What’s the last thing you learned and how did you learn it?”
So I’m always amazed when I speak with salespeople who haven’t ever read a sales book.

1) Damn Sales Book

include 16 Rock-Solid Rules for Achieving Sales Success!, he lays out everything a new salesperson needs to hear. Greshes discusses developing the right attitude, the importance of being committed to success in sales, being confident in your ability to deliver value, and how to promote yourself.

2) New Sales. Simplified

A new salesperson must spend a good portion of their day identifying and connecting with prospects. While it can be monotonous,
New Sales. Simplified. teaches salespeople how to identify good fit prospects, how to do the right research on them, and how to effectively connect. Once connected, the book teaches readers how to tell effective sales stories that highlight problems and pains as well as opportunities, and how to formulate related “Power Statements.” In short, Weinberg helps new salespeople learn how to communicate value to prospects in a way that will make them say, “I want that.”

3) Baseline Selling

In short, Baseline Selling teaches salespeople how to spend their time with the prospects who are most likely to buy. It teaches the importance of having a sales process
unlike most other sales books, spells out how to run a full sales process from suspect to prospect to qualified to close. Dave uses a base path analogy from the game of baseball: first base (suspect), second base (prospect), third base (qualified), and home plate (close). If you love baseball, you’ll love Dave’s metaphors

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