Hydrocarbon exploration art or science

Hydrocarbon exploration depends on imagination and smart people, However, it is important to understanding science and how to connect geology with geophysics and engineering to predict hydrocarbon location and how much reserve.

Hydrocarbon explorations rules

·        Collection information and different data  types

·        Analysis  data

·        Integration data

·        Interpret data to valuable information

Collection information and different data

In this stage is important to hard working to try to find any valuable information from previous papers or presentations, there are a lot of Database banks like IHS and TGS , Those websites enable anyone to collect information about hydrocarbon exploration and different geological and geophysical information.

Time you spend in information collection reduce risk of other stages and help investor to take good decision in prefect time.

Analysis Data

Data do not represent any importance without good analysis; analysis data include processing and collect data in the database, important stage in analysis data to detect quality of this data (QC)

Integration Data

It is a critical stage to how to connect different data with each other , geological data collected from field study or lap study, with geophysical data including good logs and seismic data, Talent person who can find thin thread that connect different data types, good integration leads to find correct and accurate information.

Interpret data to valuable information

            In the end stage interpretation geological and geophysical data connected with

other collected information, interpretation depends on other stages if the previous stage wrong all result will be wrong,

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